COVID-19 Guidelines

COVID Requirements at CMAC
Per Maine CDC requirement, as well as recommendations from the Maine Dance Studio Owners Organization and Dance USA, the following is what we require from our faculty, dancers, and families to comply with the following guidelines during 2020/2021 season. Should anything change families will be updated ASAP! Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns. Thank you as always for working with us as we navigate reopening safely!


Screening – Please refrain from attending class if you answer yes to any of the below questions.

–         Do you have a cough or a sore throat?

–         Do you have a fever or do you feel feverish?

–         Do you have shortness of breath?

–         Do you have a loss of taste or smell?

–         Have you been around anyone exhibiting these symptoms in the last 14 days?

–         Are you living with anyone who is sick or quarantined?

–         Have you been out of the state in the last 14 days?



–         All faculty, staff, and dancers are required to have their temperature checked by a faculty or staff member upon arrival with the use of a no-touch thermometer. Anyone with a temperature above 100.4 will be asked to leave the studio.

–         All faculty, staff, and dancers must utilize the provided touch-less hand sanitizer upon arrival and departure.

–         All faculty, staff, and dancers must wear a face mask/covering when entering/exiting the studio and while in the common areas of the studio (lobby and restrooms). When all dancers and the teacher are in the studio and in their designated boxes, masks can be removed while dancing. NOTE: if you prefer to have your dancer keep their mask on while dancing we are happy to accommodate!

–          We will use our large studio (which is 40’ x 32’) with taped off 12’ X 6’ boxes for each dancer which allows the most space for Dis-Dancing!

–         All fans will be on with windows and doors open to supply ample airflow within the studio.

–         Dancers should arrive dressed and ready for class. Dancers should pack a water bottle with their name clearly labeled. All dancers will use their own locker in the waiting room to store their outside shoes, etc.

–         Parents, please limit the time spent in the waiting room. If you are entering the building you are required to wear a face mask/covering and use the provided touch-less hand sanitizer.

–         High touch areas will be sanitized several times a day, bathrooms sanitized after every use and floors sanitized between each class.


We plan to offer classes in person and via Zoom simultaneously as long as we can safely do so!


You will also note that there is a new one time fee for all students labeled “CMAC Prop Bag”. This fee provides the following items needed for your dancer’s class so we can minimize COVID exposure by eliminating our shared use items.

6 Week Session Dancers: CMAC Bag filled with 2-3 dance props (example: scarf, shakers, stuffed animal & stickers)
Intro Dancers: CMAC Bag filled with dance props for the entire school year (example: scarf, shakers, stuffed animal & stickers)
Level 1 Dancers: CMAC Bag filled with a yoga brick, theraband, and props.
Level 2-4 Dancers: CMAC Bag filled with a yoga mat, yoga brick, and a theraband.

All bags will be passed out during the first week of classes!