– Students are encouraged to bring water in a closed container into class. No soda, juice, etc.

–  Bottled water is available at the studio for $1.00 (large) or $.50 (small).

–  Gum chewing or food of any kind are not allowed in class.

–  Cell phones are not permitted in the dance studios.

–  Observers are not permitted into the dance studios unless invited by an instructor.

–  All students must be in proper dance attire and footwear.

– Students should arrive to class early or on time. If arriving late, students should ask permission to join the class at the teacher’s discretion. If dancers have arrived past the warm up, they will be asked to observe the class to avoid injury.

–  Hair must be secured back and off the face for all classes. Hair must be in a bun for all Ballet classes.

–  Absolutely no running in the dance studios.

–  Students should not touch the mirrors, hang on the Ballet barres or play with the curtain in the lounge/store.

–  Street shoes are not allowed on the dance floors. Please bring clean non-street shoes for all Hip Hop classes.

–  Students and/or siblings are not allowed in the dance studios without the instructor’s supervision or permission.

–  Disruptive behavior will not be tolerated. Teachers reserve the right to remove any student(s) from class if the above policies are not abided by.

–  Please keep the waiting room area as clean and quiet as possible.

Refund policy: Tuition, registration fees, and costume payments are non refundable and non transferable. Notification to withdraw from class must be received in writing to Collective Motion Arts Center by the 15th of the month to stop tuition payments for the following month. Absence from class is non-refundable. We do allow make up classes due to student absence in another class of the same age or below. Bi-Annual & Annual tuition payments are non-refundable as we have reserved the student’s place in class for the full term. Full or partial refunds are granted as appropriate for medical conditions with a physician’s note.

Inclement weather: Classes may be canceled due to inclement weather or events beyond our control such as power outages. Decisions about class cancellations are made by 12pm (noon) for afternoon classes and by 6am for morning classes. We announce cancellations via our website, social media and email.

Make-Up Class Policy: If a student misses class due to illness or family vacation then they can take a make up class in any other class that is age appropriate or below. Additionally, should classes be canceled due to inclement weather students can use this make up policy to make up any cancelled class.  If you have any questions on the right class to take for make ups don’t hesitate to ask Jenn!

Substitutions: The studio will provide a substitute teacher if the regularly scheduled teacher is ill or is unable teach class. If we cannot provide a substitute teacher any missed classes will be made up.

Photo & Video Policy: Videography during classes, observation weeks, and performances is not allowed at CMAC.  This is for the safety of our young students and to maintain our instructors Choreographic and educational copyright. During our observation weeks non-flash photography is welcomed! Please be mindful when posting photos of students other than your own to social media.